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LSD and innovation

10 July 2009

Last week we were speculating here about the possible role of prescription painkillers in the performance of the Michael Jackson assemblage. This week The Huffington Post brings us Ryan Grim’s article about the role of LSD (yes, the psychodelic drug) in scientific progress and in particular IT innovation. Thus we learn that LSD has or may have inspired such innovators and innovations as Steve Jobs and Apple computers, Douglas Engelbart and the computer mouse, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Mark Pesce, coinventor of VRML, researchers at Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Kary Mullis, and, believe it or not, even Bill Gates is suspected. According to Grim, “Francis Crick, who discovered DNA along with James Watson, told friends that he first saw the double-helix structure while tripping on LSD.” If all this is true, then LSD-inventor Albert Hofmann (together with his invention) has had a profund effect on the recent history of the world. Hmm…, has there been any STS research into scientists’ drug-taking habits and their extended network of drug dealers?


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