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Hatch by Tammy Lu and Crystal Bueckert

27 January 2012

If you happen to be in the resurgent boomtown of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada between March 30 and June 10 this year, and have an interest in the intersection of art and urbanism, check out Hatch, Tammy Lu and Crystal Bueckert’s show at the Mendel Art Gallery:

Artists by Artists: Tammy Lu and Crystal Bueckert

March 30 to June 10, 2012

Hatch is an exhibition of parallel investigations into notions of path finding and city building. Tammy Lu and Crystal Bueckert’s research and drawings address historical and imagined narratives of Saskatoon by tracing and layering events, characters, infrastructures and geography.

Using human and architectural characters of Saskatoon as a narrative code, Lu proposes a process of city planning that involves a continual personal re-configuration of local stories. Bueckert renders collected images into hybrid maps that explore the evolutions and revisions of city building. Employing a non-linear book format, the artists splice their imagined urban spaces to form permutations of possible mapping schemes.

Lu and Bueckert’s collaborative image immediately reminded me of this Sloterdijk passage:

Life is a matter of form–that is the hypothesis we associate with the venerable philosophical and geometrical term “sphere.” It suggests that life, the formation of spheres and thinking are different  expressions for the same thing. Referring to a vital spheric geometry is only productive, however, if one concedes the existence of a form of theory that knows more about life than life itself does–and that wherever human life is found, whether nomadic or settled, inhabited orbs appear, wandering or stationary orbs which, in a sense, are rounder than anything that can be drawn with compasses. (pp. 10-11)

Peter Sloterdijk, Spheres. Volume I: Bubbles. Microspherology

World-Information City

29 April 2009

An interesting conference (h/t Cluster) on mobility, globalisation, urban spaces and networks coming up in Paris on 30-31 May 2009. Here are the topics and speakers:

World-Information City, Paris 2009: In/Visibility, Access and Urban Zoning

  • Mobility Futures – John Urry
  • Real Time City – Carlo Ratti
  • Re-Assembling the Urban – Saskia Sassen
  • The Porosity of Land, Economy, and Politics – Solomon Benjamin
  • Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism – Stephen Graham
  • The Endless Present – Eyal Weizmann
  • Mobile Networks, Urban Swarms – Christophe Aguiton/ Dominique Cardon/ Zbigniew Smoreda
  • Mapping Complex Networks – Bruno Latour
  • Zoning VS Open Source City – Jose Perez de Lama

Further description here and detailed programme here.


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